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 Got Banned - Admin Oversteps Boundaries

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Data de inscrição : 02/05/2014

Got Banned - Admin Oversteps Boundaries Empty
MensagemAssunto: Got Banned - Admin Oversteps Boundaries   Got Banned - Admin Oversteps Boundaries EmptySex 2 Maio 2014 - 0:35

My apologies as this is in english.

I would just like to say that your admin (unsure if server owner) "Ryan" abused his admin powers today. My friends and I have been active on your wonderful server for the past month or so and, to my knowledge, have benefited the player base by adding 5 regular players. The joy of this game is that many things can happen. A player can be a hero offering services to other players, completing missions, disposing of random bandit ai, and assisting other players with base building to name but a few things.

On the other side of things a player can elect to be a bandit. The purpose... to bring some chaos, thrill, scare, excitement, passion to the game. A player can wander around feeling safe in la di dah land or, as this game proves, they can feel the excitement and fear and adrenaline from not knowing if there is a bandit on the lose. My friends and I play both side. We help out, answer questions, assist with medical runs, etc and on the other side of the coin we bandit. We shoot players at missions, hunt others, visit bases and painstakingly pick their door locks to take a plot pole or some guns laying around or on occasion a vehicle. We don't remove all the locks, put down our own poles and lock players out of their bases.

This brings me to the point of this post and the admin abuse by your admin Ryan. While a friend of mine (Dismas) was picking a lot he was put under fire from Ryan. Being that HunterThompson and I ( Mr. Bojangles ) were in the neighbourhood we ran to assist. Having previously picked one of the doors on Ryan's base (not knowing whose base it was) I entered and searched floor by floor before I found Ryan trying to get eyes on Dismas. I fired and killed Ryan. Instantly I was kicked, then Dismas, then Hunterthompson. Subsequently all three of us were banned.

Before my ban I gave out the location and the door code to Ryan's base feeling that his actions warrented it.

While I am not asking that our bans be lifted I am asking that you take a hard look at the person you have entrusted to your server.

I was an admin on another server and answered questions and helped players (unlike Ryan who would prefer to play the game than help out as long as the game is going his way) and enforced rules. Your server talks about no base building around supply depots but there are tons of bases close by or blocking them off. Nothing is done.

Your server is great, loved the special touches, enjoyed the player base, but sadly one admin can ruin a server.

I wish you all the best of luck.

P.S. I even offered in direct chat (which an admin said he could read at the time) to donate because I was enjoying the server. Its too bad that actions like Ryan's affects your server in such a way.
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Got Banned - Admin Oversteps Boundaries Empty
MensagemAssunto: BAN !!!   Got Banned - Admin Oversteps Boundaries EmptySex 19 Set 2014 - 23:16

The day you learn to play without steal, cheat or use your rack that day and only that day, you can claim an admin kikar you before it, gathering up his insignificance and go play with other cheaters and hackers .

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"Se hoje sou o que sou devo tudo isso ao =CF=Ryan.

Ass: Chuck Norris."

Got Banned - Admin Oversteps Boundaries Auh9w6
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Got Banned - Admin Oversteps Boundaries
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